Hero’s – Black Holes – Dark Matter

Heroes are the proof that the masses -> are too fearing, lazy, or not even aware of anything.
You must sacrifice everything for the result that the masses desires or need for they can live their lives.
Black Holes are dark events in life that can rob one’s energy to the point of eating you up.
Heroes „have to“ step in until the masses have learned to resist the black hole. THEN the mass holds together like a black hole holds a galaxy together (moral psychology physics).
But if the masses do not overcome the fear of the greater willpower, the information gathered over the generations, by nature, will raise the hero’s price, so that the commitment to give up one’s life is properly balanced.
Moses kills the two overseers because they were inhuman against a few slaves. (For the slaves a hero, time-limited a savior), but must flee.
Today you can not really flee, because of the information network. Redirect revenge or fear. Or the person never gets back a life, because no matter where the person goes, „he/she is needed as a hero“. The masses no longer learns and drowns and the person burns up (gets burned up).
Would you like to have you burned out?

One side says Moses fled because he broke the law.
The other side, if they are honest, would say he saved us.
Later, God turned in because of the pressure on the slaves. The mass did not unified enough / had not been strong enough to stand alone.
Was God too late?
For the heroic person when she dies, as Jesus did.
Science says the dark matter also holds the galaxy together. The fear of being alone without any chance of help from others.
But if the hero does not find an open door in there house, in the father’s house. |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Dann , wird der Vater/das Mutterland, das Kind verlieren.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||
Buffy in the final season recognizes, that she begins to feel attracted to Spike and leaves home. She also was broke. Although all „candidates …“ became activated at once, but that means, after that there are non anymore. End chance to have learned it. Either to have single heroes / heroines and that there life can still be a joy anyway. Not to abandon there needs. Single stars in the night sky.
Let all the stars shine once, the night stays bright day.
Or no guardians anymore all stay permanently awake, total light that burns out.


If Jesus, King Arthur, the buffalo woman … came out of hell and looked accordingly. Would you let her into your house?
Well, maybe you’ve just missed the chance to share the victory with one of them.
BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT THINKED OF IT, ONLY THEY CAN SHOW YOU THE WAY, how they came out there and hell did not chase them anymore.

  1. Not the black holes, but the dark matter holds the universe together. Yes, fear paralyzes and then the physical law of nature of the inertia of the mass comes into act.
    Moses would not have had to kill the slave overseers right away, because of maltreatment by slaves under protection, because slavery is actually prohibited today, and prison / resocialization measures (teaching how to handle human labor humanely so that they can survive as labor) would be more appropriate.
    Goethe once said: „In every noble heart of man there is the feeling that he alone can not become happy and must seek his well-being in the happiness of others.“Man is just a pheasant and ekin loner.

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Manuela Ganzer , 16 January 2018 at 15:47 ( To edit)


Yes, then and now, are really all treated the same and not disadvantaged. If the parties were not afraid that the AfD could participate in the legislation, according to the 2017 election result, not even a minimum „standard wage“ would be required. East wages and pensions are still lower by the other Germans.
But they are (also) legal responsibility immune.

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reinesseelenlicht , 16. January 2018 at 16:37 (work over)





Each one has his story. The one of the winner you can hear and read everywhere.
And those of the others, which may be mentioned only briefly as „footnote“, like there was something else, but well it was not our story. But this story often lives on in the legends of hope.

Abraham (Syriac / Turkish origin) (Hebrew אַבְרָהָם Avraham „Father of the many [peoples]“, Aramaic ܐܒܪܗܡ, Abrohom, Old Yiddish Awroham, Arabic إبراهيم Ibrahim ) was a man under the command of God, (so it tells the Bible, the Torah and also the Koran). God instructed and Abraham followed (did). Today we would say, a worker who obeyed his boss / government … at that time in the worst case slave obeying his owner.
God really liked that and made Abraham a promise. He already became a foreman and had his slaves.
Now he should get the company, till the end of the world.

His wife but only a slave to the Lord, but had not build up a future care with Abraham.
The understanding under Abraham and Sara was, as God’s property which worked for God. Everything they did God could take it at any time or leave it to their use.
So Sara gave her slave to Abraham to have her children with Abraham.
Just as man is to be the vessel of God’s Spirit (in the Bible), Hagar is said to be her handmaid, the vessel of her children. (Surrogate mother) After position battles (mutual bullying), whereby Hagar lost.  Hagar took her staff and flee to the desert.
God catches Hagar and says go back despite bullying, I prepare your own destiny / own story.
Abraham’s offspring should be as numerous as the stars, and Hagar’s child was one of them, and God repeated the number before Haga. But they should be free, stubborn or willing (like a donkey). Before the children of Isaac (Israel). They prepare the way, bear the burdens (so they where strong) or let the others run through their filth. (The others followed the face of the butt of the donkey.)
Conclusion: The others would feel better if they were to go with (beside) them (the donkey), or even in front of him, through the landscape (also the scrub) to step on a path.
(A donkey is known to be rebellious, it does not necessarily run when hit. You have to treat him well and take care of it to make your work easier with him. Also good and loving words facilitate cooperation.)

Now that Sara, Haga and Abraham knew it, to pass on down the relationship to God.

Came up the reconciliation of God to Human lead to an unrealized chance? Jesus should be a reconciliation with mankind. Jesus himself even speaks of, children of God. Ask God like me, Our father
But it was not time that they understood it.
Now there are two more statements from Jesus.
I am the way, who follows me … and
actually I came for Isaacs children, but whether they were under the deside of Human gods , they had the parables „Exodus from Egypt“, from slaves of a human gods to a chosen Nation of God, later from colony of human gods to children of God.
God could not get his children out again without war because Jesus was not recognized / understood. So that Jesus revealed it to all, the human gods, the free and the slaves.
The early Christians no longer had slaves and followed the reconciliation.
Ishmael <-> Isaac
So if the prince of the kingdom of heaven made all People to possible people (nation) of God and children of God’s, how can they be against each other?
Do not all parents exhort there children and say they should not quarrel?
Then the princes and princesses of Abraham should not quarrel. May the peoples of God quarrel with the children of God?
Or the children of God among themselves?
(A kingdom that is at odds with itself can not exist.) Mark 3:24

Psalm 82: 6 and John 10:34 What happens when human gods enslave the people of God?
They fall like the Pharaoh, for they are already falling from the children of God to ordinary people. They lack the necessary charity.
What happens if the people behave against the children of God? They become slaves to them.
The people of God have 10 commandments, Jesus explained which law prevails in the kingdom of God, „love your neighbor as you love your self“. Which of the 10 commandments can be ignored and yet practicing charity?
Thou shalt thy lord and god …?
Not really, because children naturally love their parents. They only have one father. (by nature) The children of God just need to learn a law and apply it to the worlds.

In the Muslim language (Arabic) ʿĪsā is a prophet, (a person who passes on God’s plan / teaching.)

This is similar to the story of Abanaki and their slaves.

So if a child of God, even if it gets „dirty“, is a prince or princess on this planet, should not they have a diplomatic passport among the peoples and the lands of God?

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translated from a german blog reader: In the flawlessness and reconciliation of human beings, there would be neither war nor work overload in the courts on earth. So paradise would then be on earth and the yearning has every human being, only by its flaws it is far away.

Manuela Ganzer , 16 January 2018 at 15:51 ( To edit)


Not by the flaw, it is not a paradise here, but by the unwillingness to help one over a weakness. Fellowship in charity.
Every result is the result of a previous cause, an act that is not in the interest of the society, therefore not a single fault but the fruit of a society. The Society has just not recognized and understood the deed and the cause.
What led to death by Jesus…

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reinesseelenlicht , 16. January 2018 at 16:52 (work over)

The six elements 2

The six elements 2
Metal: generally not poisoned, but toxic in oxidized state. But if it is targeted to harm, poisoned and in the wars of the Middle East even Uranium heads were put on it.
Wood: poisoning and genetic changes, pass on the poisoning / irritation on in contact coming organic matter.
Earth: takes poisoning in the form of a pool, life is only poisoned when it comes into direct contact with the poison.
Fire: burns poisons
Wind: carries poisonous gases away
How would a healing of the world / existence look like (a way)
Of course one can also say now the columns change into a compact wall of an element. However, any outside interest would necessitate a second element for the window and / or door. A glass box would not reduce the desire minimum to explore the visible, contiguous world.
Heat even if it would be your own life energy, turning the glass box into a sauna, even without the outer element of fire. Wind would not be able to bring oxygen or cool down through the openings.
All elements are needed. How much had to realize now that we need the nature to live as well. (Can you eat Oel or gold).
We need them all 6!
As in the movie „The Avatar – The Lord of the Elements“ there must be harmony between the elements and no dominance.
It’s not about what I can do, but about harmony / balance.
Jesus threw the merchants out of the temple! Why is that? So the sacrifices – seekers had not needed to go that far?
They became an obstacle to reach God. It was a money-making and only rich could be free. Who did not have the money, the dealer asked, who took a good compulsory business, could not pay. The dealer determined who was allowed to come to God.
If your child comes home dirty, do you also leave it outside because it can not buy soap?
If your friend knocks on your door and you open the door and he / she says he / she fell into a ditch, then do you close the door and say you’re not coming in here?
I tell you, you will carry your child to the bath on your hands and bathe it with the best children’s bath scents and then say, aaaah there is my little child, there was only a dusty doll in front of my door „I could not even recognize you there anymore „.
You’ll say to your friend, follow me into the bathroom, I’ll quickly get a big towel … then you’ll feel better. Then we can sit together and…
And you quickly wipe away the traces on the floor.
And you will be glad that you are sitting with your loved one at the table.
If you keep the door closed, they will cry outside the door, and when their love for you is washed away, they will stand up wipe out there tears and walk away, to the house at which door are opened.
And they can wash and live there and the joy will grow in the new house.
But since you are only administering the temple, the landlord will come and hear that you did not let his children and friends in because you were too lazy to cleanse there trails dust of there feet. He will say, did you get not enough for your work and administration that you had nothing for my friends and children and that you would have taken it from you, to which I would have given it back to you and invited you to the table with my friends and children to give you back the service I did not pay.
If only a drop of water had come from the pipe or where in your cup, he would throw you out into the dark cold and seek his children and friends and his search would be a testimony against you that no house would take you anymore and he would Make friends with all the houses that only one of his children and friends had taken.
Who has to have more than he needs and let the other eye be sad?
Do you think that when your time comes you can negotiate with God? God through whom everything was, is and will be. He does not need your riches, but you will leave behind disunity and envy, and your house will be cloudy over your division.
But if you pass on what you do not need, the gold will come back to you because they will all buy from you, so you can pass on. And should the pouch of you tears into pieces, they will come up running, pick it up and drop it with you to your house, because they do not need to steal from you, nor they ask you to pay for that.
And you will all rejoice that it has arrived well in your home and that no stranger could take it or spoil it, because they know YOU.
And the others will be glad that they could share the work with you.
A building owner comes to the master and asks, „Why is my house not finished yet?“ But the Master answered, „You only gave me these workers before you left. It was not possible. “
But the Landlord will say, „Did you not see all the people standing here doing nothing? Did not we agree on a price total for the whole house?
If you had finished, you might have let it go for a while. Relaxing – until you had started something new and if you had not been tired, you could have started something new, you could have chosen the next thing you liked without pressure. Now the house is not finished and I have no room for you.
Go home and come back tomorrow, with the others I will build a table and eat with the others standing so that they can come tomorrow and have strength and are healthy. But it will taken off on the price give to you, which we had agreed. Because I let say to them, look there my house is being built, the master has already got the money for all the workers.
And those will come tomorrow for the sake of the food they have already received today. But you lost a day at MY table – where everyone would have seen you. “

(Comment from the German Blog.)

Some have the element of stupidity and some are more wisely. But Goodness seen as an element, is unfortunately also exploited to the annihilation of the good-natured and it is again stupidity of the perpetrator to recognize.

Manuela Ganzer , 16 January 2018 at 15:55
Well it took longer until the good nature was understood. There is still the barrier, of wealth. But if, for example, one understands the „conditional basic income,“ it would free even the rich from the fear of loss. Because you would find that they have enough. God, not the „human gods“, should also be understood. If you read everything about God, you will know one thing.
If you have a problem, you can trust it over to God.
Human started killing for to eat. Then he almost ate everything that fell into his hands. This was not health promoting, so there was evidence which animals through lifestyle and space there lived in, were „clean“.
The people had loyalty problems … so there were divorce letters.
The conscience was relieved by animal sacrifices, it created usury and dependence on buying. The rich could already buy „reserve offerings“. For the poor, it was already „hell on earth“.
Conscience relieved by repentance before God. But Victims called, how can he be forgiven, I still have the loss…
So Islam came, which supplemented, for which the slaves to the guilty; Do extra good that you see that you can do good and are not evil/danger and the others can find peace when they see that you have changed your path.
But now one time they hurt and then give food to the poor. Without often worrying about the first act.
I knew a young man who „did not pay attention to his path“. He said he did not have a chance anyway anmore through what he did. And since I did not accept it so easily, he told me that he was in prison … I said, but I see that you actually regretted doing it. And I said that he still lives and as long as he breathes, he can go back to God. If he asks God for forgiveness and he is still alive. (We do not know when a Person’s day comes). Can he take the chance and change and forgive himself.
Well, he prayed and returned to the mosque because he was a Muslim.
A penalty will only satisfy the injured party but not free some one.
But who finds the other (s) on a changed path, knows that he / she has changed. Whoever picks up another person, under guilt-crushed person, and goes with him a new path. Has inspired the soul of the other and the own.
Who does not get up again will die, but who leaves such a person, does not have the love in him/herself.
If you see a person going where you know that this was going through hell, look then and if the way is right, go with this person. This person knows how to escape from hell, it will be even easier for two.
reinesseelenlicht , 16. January 2018 at 17:39

The six elements

The six elements

Why do not European countries have an extraterrestrial concession (although guarding the TV is not quite true). Only the only films come with a very high price of defence …
What is so dangerous about Germany and Syria (Phoenicia aka Kathago)?
There were democracies or the French Revolution, the decapitation of the secular and spiritual worldly head of the pyramid structure.
Although the Czar was also disempowered, but as we know there was no democracy. But the so-called dictatorship of / from the proletariat. A change of the caste.
An earlier text (of mine), which has been deleted several times in the network, describes the case: Camelot’s -> Utopia -> „total democracy“ (all thoughts of Europeans). Only by carrying out this idea, becomes an example for other nations. Those who not only refused to wage war against this democracy, but sought to take over this example of democracy.
The pyramid head would became incapable of mass war.
If this democracy is understood only in the approach of the minds of several nations, they are as to be considered poisoned and must perish like Kathago. According to some, they became aimless and lost the respect and interest in life. (Source Brockhaus)
Kolabating in to bread and games (dominant reporting comes mostly from the winners).
A global contamination of the idea of democracy (acting in love of one’s neighbour: Jesus, do what you want, doe not pity others!, Druid law). Make enslavement almost impossible. The „untouchables“ would need to re-terraform and repopulate the earth.
Genesis1: „In the beginning it was chaotic and the spirit hovered above it water„. (New Civilization) Deluge, Gigamesch …, „the people were evil and no longer obeyed God / gods.“ The new beginning came with the ark.
Human gods

Human Gods Part 2
The forge of peace – Peace maker/
In a previous PravdaTV blog, (communicative) radio wave bombings were reported, whereupon I answered simple to reflect them.
The direct contacts remain still enormous strong, the metal parts melt even teeth away.
The question is, is the human really unable to resist profit motive / addiction by superior position, or is it more the intuition of the counter fraction which is obviously referred to us as Abanaki?
If the „Penicillin-question“ >> who uses this or that?
Total utilization, no time for self-pity / reflection, slave or warrior, workouts till the end of possibility. To the readiness / desire for rest, rebuilding to the social, to be able to build up something and appreciate it.
Kama you pay for your former „3D life-presence“ – today. „The Curse of the Kama / Ancestors“. Inbreeding by the monarchs, clan economy, the Illuminate marries among themselves.
Testimony of a boy, which was taken as proof of reincarnation. „As a grandchild, you did not have to do this when you were little.“
A question is thrown in the room, Jesus comes to raise his own! on the planet of the renegades, or maybe in the next class (planets)? The mentors continue to learn there themselves. (This possibility, I think of a story that I have learned from „where else“.) A High Priest Princess * asks herself exactly the same question as to why such a behaviour went wrong.
There were 3 points upcoming
• What was the basis of them (you can only teach about a way you have learned + plus other experiences of whom you trust) the lemurs learned from the logics of the Hebrews without knowing who they were or where they came from. A PC matrix generates a color field from the intensity levels red, yellow, blue, to no light (black) in 6 levels „color # FFFFFF“ F = color (current / light). If one says you can write the light factor / strength instead of the „F“. „Color # 936148“ for the insider of the „F“ system, this seems fast, as a plausible possibility. The lemurs learn from the Hebrews …. The applications that are possible to reach the goal are increasing.
• If you want to teach / help and the students do not want to follow things, but if they do not follow they will harm themselves, maybe even others.
A pyramidal structure can also sag when the bottom one breaks away, even if they are learning levels (like). But also, imagine there is a present in the group you are in and ask, who is ready to become a cockroach to take them to the next level (the rat) to accompany/guide them. When they are ready for the next step, you will be called again, and then you will (maybe) become cats. The memories as sage, magician, angel (fairy) are sealed in this times… Would you then scream me here I, I???
Would you not then also limit the freedom of choice, if you do not want to destroy the species or how do like in , The future ends now. Try to save the species at the innocent/open stage. (Children who listen) The ones with whom you can manages to make contact….
Moroccan democracy (put the level aside) the king is blocked many times from applying social progress to European examples. Due to corruption in the selected Structure, traditions that people can not rethink without giving up there fear. Fear and dishonesty of the people themselves. „If we had unemployment benefits, as in Germany, nobody would work here anymore.“ Statements of some Moroccans themselves.
So it’s a development process that needs to be learned.
Against the will, there are some high techniques that I will not mention here, but also do not wish to anyone.
Expedition 1000 year kingdom:
Jesus reigns, Arthur returns, the buffalo woman … people see a different, non-detrimental lifestyle in which they feel good about „where to go“ – „to get hope“ (a ray of hope). And then can enrol in school, according to grade level. And who does not want is downgraded in the logic application level, (application of tools…). In order to cause no environnent damage.
What’s the goal?
Steadfastness in „Love your neighbour as yourself“ or „Do what you want, do not harm anyone“ = Anakin does not become, because of having learned a suffering, Darth Vader. (Lemurs more Democratic form (I think), drop in the loss of hope emotional case, because of a meteorite impact, Martians dissolve Allianz because of a meteorite impact, seek to take control. Patriarchy.) (Youtube: „The secret historie of humanity“).
How, why that actually now.
A crack in space and time. In the Youtube video, there is talked about the case of fall of the lemurs and consequently the fall of the Martians caused a space and time rift
Dr. Who and Torchwood are just busy minimizing the impact.
Another crack, the question of evolution. When humans were genetically created using a push-up, Planet of the Apes: Cesar, ascends to the monkey god, after his death, without his knowledge. First instructions by his „creator“ to humans at the beginning after genetic manipulation. Class society by the apes species Gorilla and others.
After a war, people virtually disappear from the surface for generations, in the classic last part, peace and also the willingness to learn through mutual respect. Reconciliation!
The humans are created, the Anicers (Pleaden) and Abanakies are hidden from the surface. Rise and fall of human gods….
Now do we get the Reconciliation now?

In this case, the task would be to close the rift between the created creature – human. Through a bridge into the consciousness pyramid / spiral.
Since humans have already carried out genious transformations, the disappearance of man would probably no longer close the rift.
However, this has already created new cracks, through its genetic creations, which are not fitted in the natural cycle. Food and being food for. And impact protection on adjoining. Animals get Gen – food, the digestion must be readjusted to the Resistances and strengths/stability („molecular“). These effects are transmitted to humans through meat intake (Menus).
(Meat, milk … of stressed animals.)
Human already have a light frequency that affects the universe. It is not about a way shape (3 dimensions), the 4th we have largely neglected.
Socially: Democracy, Royale Democracy, Monarchy (communal hand in hand) (Through attention and communication we tune our needs and their supply – how Understand us. I see you (I can see you). Movie „Avatar“.
Needs that I do not disclose are not calculated on the whole community and if I satisfy them anyway no matter what, I encounter problems in the long term.
Sacrification for forgiveness (Jewish), Forgiveness through forgiveness out of love („unconditional forgiveness out of love“, if you are serious) (Christian)) Forgiveness with proof and reparation. Conscience relief through good deeds (Islamic). (After a night comes a day, The night is part of the day).
Economic form:
Capital (profit principle), unconditional basic income (technology increasingly eliminates the manual labor requirement) (demarcation is necessary to prevent collapse by external exploitation, Asylum flood makes this form almost impossible, municipal sense of proportion becomes necessary) Profit is a minor matter. More nature / environmental awareness is possible. Conditional basic income (Technique increasingly eliminates the manual labor requirement) (area demarcation is necessary to prevent collapse by outside exploitation, Immigration Law – Law of Emigration Asylum droughts make this form almost impossible, communal sense of proportion is formed by the condition to the basic income) profit is secondary. More nature / environmental awareness is possible. Whether cashless or with cash is irrelevant here. Nature does not need money, we put our talents in the center and share.
Sorry for the healing level I’m not through yet, everything is going very fast.

The 3 dimensions we understand (the fourth ones have neglected in our consciousness).

Exchange principle with profit interest Charity, everyone gives what he can, in trust Regulated control Collect, produce, share
Monarchy Municipal hand in hand Parliament Circle of Council, experience

(Ransom for guilt’s by sacrificing blood)


(Forgiveness through love)


(Forgiveness but evidence of good deeds)

Shamanic / Nature / Tibetans **

(Balance) Bring light to the shadow, learn

Capital (profit) Unconditional basic income Conditional basic income Share
Consciousness: The Eternal Question: Who am I. Looking for the why?

Slave of gold!

Awareness: God is the center! I am his possession, by his grace! Consciousness: God determines, all my will and thoughts are in the test-stand, but not, in action. „Human think and God guides the deeds“. An energetic manifestation of the Great Spirit in multiple variable diversity. The energy returns to the great spirit
Metal (refined gold) Wood (diamond through pressure) Water (unstable but can swim) Earth (ground, glass)

Elemental Temple

Vertical grace (wind where he blows, his spirit is present, is grace)
Metal / earth / wood / water
Retaliation (fire, -> metal – earth – wood – water, is shaped by violence)
Metal: tools for machining, material for chains, grids and containers, heavy-duty constructions
Wood: tree of life that gives shade and bears fruit, ladder from earthiness to the clouds.
Water: Moves between the 3 solid elements, it cleanses, gives new life possibilities, transports, cools, supports the view in the 4 perspective.
Earth: Hardens us, we stand and run, lie on it, protect us against high radiation, (glass) look to other fields of vision (lens, brings the distance to us)
The hidden can become visible to me through reflections or through wave shaping. The third eye learns to see.
The waves / movements of the branches make the wind visible and carry the fixed elements to other places. („Broken Code“ Tatjana teaches an archmage the perception of hidden dimensions) *
Water separates the elements from fire.

Poisonous water: Lightning turns nitrogen into radioactive particles -> acid rain. Poisons 3 Dimensional: Solid, Liquid, Washed / Choked Gas (ABC – weapons). Flooding caused by torrential events.
Poisoned wood (plants) …

to be continued


Helden-schwarze Löscher-dunkle Materie

Helden sind der Beweis, dass die breite Masse -> zu ängstlich, faul, oder nicht mal etwas merkt.
Sie müssen alles opfern für das Resultat welches sich die breite Masse wünscht, oder braucht um ihr leben zu leben.
Schwarze Löscher sind dunkle Ereignisse im Leben, die einem Energie rauben bis hin zum auffressen können.
Helden „müssen“ dann solange einspringen, bis die breite Masse gelernt hat, gegen das schwarze Loch stand zu halten. Das hält DANN die breite Masse zusammen, wie ein schwarzes Loch eine Galaxie zusammenhält (moralpsychologische Physik.)
Überwindet die breite Masse aber dann nicht die Angst von der größeren Willensstärke, werden die gesammelten Informationen über die Generationen, von der Natur aus, den Preis des Helden(in) steigen lassen, damit der Einsatz, sein Leben aufgeben zu müssen, richtig ausgeglichen ist.
Moses tötet die beiden Aufseher, weil unmenschlich waren gegen ein paar Sklaven. (für die Sklaven ein Held, zeit-begrenzt ein Retter), muss aber fliehen.
Heute geht fliehen nicht wirklich, da das Informationsnetz. Rache oder Angst weiterleitet. Oder die Person bekommt nie wieder ein Leben zurück, weil egal wo die Person hinkommt, „als Held gebraucht wird“. Die breite Masse lernt nicht mehr und sinkt ab und die Person verglüht (wird verheizt).
Möchtest DU dich verheizen lassen?

Die eine Seite sagt, Moses ist geflohen, weil er das Gesetz gebrochen hat.
Die andere Seite, wenn sie ehrlich ist, würde sagen er hat uns gerettet.
Später hat Gott sich wegen den Druck auf den Sklaven eingeschaltet. Die Masse ist sich nicht einig genug gewesen/war nicht kräftig genug gewesen, allein zu stehen.
War Gott zu spät gewesen?
Für die Heldenperson wenn sie stirbt, so wie Jesus schon.
Die Wissenschaft sagt die dunkle Materie hält auch die Galaxie zusammen. Die Angst allein zu sein ohne überhaupt die Chance auf Hilfe von anderen.
Wenn die Heldenperson aber keine offene Tür findet in ihrem Hauses, im Hauses des Vaters. Dann , wird der Vater/das Mutterland, das Kind verlieren.
Buffy stellt in der Endstaffel fest, das sie sich beginnt zu Spike hingezogen zu fühlen und verlässt, den Heimatort. Zwar werden alle „Anwärter…“ werden mit einmal aktiviert, aber das bedeutet auch danach gibt es keine mehr. Endchance es gelernt zu haben. Entweder einzelne Helden/Heldinnen zu haben und diese das Leben trotzdem eine Freude sein zu lassen. Ihre Bedürfnisse nicht im Stich zu lassen. Einzelne Sterne am Nachthimmel.
Alle Sterne mit einmal leuchten zu lassen, die Nacht bleibt Tag hell.
Oder keine Wächter mehr alle bleiben permanent wachend, totales Licht das ausglüht.


Wenn Jesus, Artus, die Büffelfrau… aus der Hölle kommen würden und dementsprechend danach aussehen würden. Würdest du sie in dein Haus lassen?
Nun vielleicht hast du gerade, die Chance verpasst, den Sieg mit einen von den zu teilen.
WEIL DU NICHT DARAN GEDACHT HAST NUR SIE KÖNNEN DIR DEN WEG ZEIGEN, wie sie da heraus gekommen sind und die Hölle ihnen nicht mehr nachjagte.

Die Versöhnung

Jeder hat seine Geschichte. Die der Sieger die man überall hören und lesen kann.
UND die der Anderen, die vielleicht offen nur kurz erwähnt wird als „Fußnote“, da war noch etwas, aber na ja es war nicht unsere Geschichte. Aber diese Geschichte lebt oft in den Legenden der Hoffnung weiter.

Abraham (syrisch/türkischer Herkunft) (hebräisch אַבְרָהָם Avraham „Vater der vielen [Völker]“, aramäisch ܐܒܪܗܡ, Abrohom, altjiddisch Awroham, arabisch إبرَاهِيم Ibrāhīm) war ein Mann unter dem Befehl Gottes, (so erzählt es die Bibel, die Tora und auch der Koran). Gott wies an und Abraham folgte (tat es). Heute würden wir sagen, ein Arbeiter der seinen Chef/Regierung… gehorchte, damals im ärgsten Fall Sklave der seinen Besitzer gehorchte.
Gott gefiel das so richtig und machte Abraham versprechen. Er wurde bereits schon Vorarbeiter und hatte seine Sklaven.
Nun sollte er die Firma, bekommen bis ans Ende der Welt.

Seine Frau aber nur Sklavin zum Herrn, hatte aber keine Zukunftsvorsorge mit Abraham aufbauen können.
Das Verständnis unter Abraham und Sara war als Eigentum von Gott, dass taten für Gott. Alles was sie taten konnte Gott jederzeit nehmen oder es ihnen zur Nutzung überlassen.
So gab Sara ihre Sklavin an Abraham, um IHRE Kinder mit Abraham zu haben.
So wie der Mensch, das Gefäß Gottes Geistes sein soll (in der Bibel), soll Hagar ihre Magd, Gefäß ihrer Kinder sein. (Leihmutter)
Nach Positionsauseinandersetzungen (gegenseitiges Mobbing), wobei Hagar verliert. Packt Hagar und flieht, in die Wüste.
Gott fängt Hagar auf und sagt gehe zurück trotz Mobbing, ich bereite dir ein eigenes Schicksal/eigene Geschichte.
Abrahams Nachkommen sollten so zahlreich wie die Sterne sein, und dazu zählte Hagar’s Kind ebenfalls und Gott wiederholte vor Haga die Zahl. Doch frei sollten sie sein, störrisch oder willig (wie ein Esel). Vor den Kindern Isaaks (Israels). Sie bereiten den Weg vor, trugen ihnen die Lasten (waren also stark) oder ließen die Anderen durch ihren Dreck laufen müssen. (Die Anderen folgten dem Angesicht des Hintern des Esels.)
Fazit: Den anderen würde es besser gehen, wenn sie mit (neben)ihnen (dem Esel gehen würden, oder gar vor ihm, durch die Landschaft (auch dem Gestrüpp)um einen Pfad zu treten.
(Ein Esel kann bekanntlich rebellisch sein er läuft auch dann nicht zwangsläufig wenn man ihn schlägt. Man muss ihn gut behandeln und versorgen, um eine Arbeitserleichterung durch ihn zu haben. Auch gute und liebende Worte erleichtern die Zusammenarbeit.)

Da nun Sara, Haga und Abraham es schon kannten, das Verhältnis zu Gott nach unten weiter zugeben.

Ergab sich aus der Versöhnung Gottes zum Menschen eine nicht verstandene Chance Jesus sollte die Versöhnung zu den Menschen sein. Jesus selbst spricht sogar von Kinder Gottes. Fragt Gott wie ich, Vater unser
Aber es war noch nicht Zeit das sie es Verstanden.
Nun gibt es noch zwei weitere Aussagen von Jesus.
Ich bin der Weg, wer mir Nachfolgt… und
eigentlich bin ich ja für Isaaks Kinder gekommen, aber ob wohl sie unter Untertanen der Menschliche Götter waren, haben sie die Gleichnisse „Auszug aus Ägypten“, von Sklaven eines menschlichen Gottes zu einem Volk Gottes, später von Kolonie eines menschlichen Gottes zu Kinder Gottes.
Gott konnte seine Kinder nicht wieder herausholen ohne Krieg, da Jesus nicht erkannt/verstanden hatten. So dass Jesus es für alle offen stellte, den menschlichen Göttern, den Freien und den Sklaven.
Die ersten Christen hatten keine Sklaven mehr und folgten der Versöhnung.
Ismael Isaak
Wenn also der Prinz des Himmelreiches alle Menschen zu möglichen Kinder und Kindern Gottes Kinder gemacht hat Wie sollen sie dann gegeneinander sein. Ermahnen nicht alle Eltern die Kinder und sagen sie sollen sich nicht streiten?
Dann sollen sich doch auch die Prinzen und Prinzessinnen Abrahams, nicht streiten. Dürfen sich denn, die Völker Gottes mit den Kinder Gottes streiten?
Oder die Kinder Gottes untereinander? (Ein Reich das in sich selbst uneins ist, kann nicht bestehen.) Markus 3:24
Achtung!!! Psalm 82,6 und Johannes 10,34 was passiert aber wenn Menschengötter das Volk Gottes versklavt???
Sie fallen wie der Pharao, denn sie fallen schon von Kinder Gottes zu einfachen Menschen. Ihnen fehlt die nötige Nächstenliebe.
Was passiert wenn das Volk sich gegen die Kinder Gottes verhalten? Sie verfallen ihnen zu Sklaven.
Das Volk Gottes hat 10 Gebote, Jesus erklärte welches Gesetz im Reich Gottes herrscht, „liebe deinen nächsten wie dich selbst“. Welches der 10 Gebote kann man ignorieren und doch die Nächstenliebe praktizieren.
Du sollst deinen Herrn und Gott…?
Nicht wirklich, denn von Natur aus lieben Kinder ihre Eltern. Sie haben auch nur einen Vater. (von Natur aus)
Die Kinder Gottes brauchen nur ein Gesetz lernen und Welten es anzuwenden.

In der muslimischen Sprache (arabisch) ist ʿĪsā ein Prophet, (ein Mensch der Gottes Plan/Lehre weitergibt.)

Dies ist ähnlich der Geschichte der Abanaki und deren Sklaven.

Wenn also ein Kind Gottes, auch wenn es auch mal „schmutzig wird“, ein Prinz oder Prinzessin ist auf diesem Planeten, sollten sie dann nicht bei den Völkern und den Ländern Gottes einen Diplomatenpass haben?

Die sechs Elemente 2

Metall: wird im allgemeinen nicht vergiftet, ist aber in oxidieren Zustand giftig. Es wird aber zum gezielten schaden, vergiftet und in den Nahostkriegen wurden sogar Uranköpfe aufgesetzt.
Holz: Vergiftung und genetische Veränderungen, geben die Vergiftung/Irritationen an in Kontakt kommenden organischen Stoffen weiter.
Erde: nimmt Vergiftungen in Form als Becken auf, Leben wird nur vergiftet wenn es mit dem Gift direkt in Kontakt tritt.
Feuer: verbrennt Gifte
Wind: trägt giftige Gase davon

Wie würde eine Heilung der Welt/Existenz aussehen (ein Weg)
Natürlich kann man jetzt auch sagen aus den Säulen wird eine Kompakte Wand eines Elementes gebaut. Allerdings würde jedes Interesse nach Außen ein zweites Element notwendig machen für Fenster und/oder Tür. Eine Glasbox würde das Verlangen Minimum die sichtbare, angrenzende Welt zu erkunden nicht verringern.
Wärme sei es nur die eigene Lebensenergie, die Glasbox zur Sauna verwandeln, selbst ohne dem Außenelement Feuer. Wind würde aber kein Sauerstoff bringen können oder bei Öffnungen auskühlen.
Alle Elemente werden also gebraucht. Wie viel mussten denn jetzt feststellen das wir die Natur brauchen um zu leben.
Wir brauchen sie alle 6!
Wie im Film „der Avatar – Der Herr der Elemente“ muss Harmonie zwischen den Elementen herrschen und keine Dominanz.
Es geht nicht darum, was kann ich, sondern um die Harmonie/Balance.

Jesus hat die Händler aus dem Tempel geworfen! Warum das denn? So brauchten doch, Opfergaben – Sucher nicht so weit laufen?
Sie wurden ein Hindernis zu Gott. Es war Geldmache und nur Reiche konnten frei sein, wer das Geld nicht hatte was der Händler wollte der ein gutes Zwangsgeschäft wahrnahm, nicht zahlen konnte. Der Händler bestimmte wer zu Gott durfte.

Wenn dein Kind schmutzig nach Hause kommt, lässt du es dann auch draußen weil es keine Seife kaufen kann.
Wenn dein(e) Freund(in) an deiner Haustür klopft und du öffnest die Tür und er/sie sagt er/sie ist in einen Graben gefallen, schließt du dann die Tür und sagst so kommst hier nicht rein?
Ich sage dir du wirst dein Kind auf deinen Händen ins Bad tragen und es baden mit dem besten Kinderbadedüften und danach sagen, aaaah da ist ja mein kleines Kind, da war ja vorher nur ein Staubpüppchen vor meiner Tür „da habe ich dich ja gar nicht mehr erkannt“.
Du wirst sagen zu deine(m/r) Freund(in), komme rein ins Bad, ich werde schnell ein großes Handtuch… holen, dann geht es dir gleich besser. Dann können wir zusammen sitzen und…
Und du wischst schnell die Spuren auf dem Fußboden fort.
Und du wirst dich freuen das du mit deinen Liebsten an der Tafel sitzt.

Wenn du die Tür verschlossen hältst, werden sie vor der Tür weinen und wenn ihre Liebe zu dir davon gewaschen ist, werden Sie aufstehen ihr Tränen abtrocknen und davon laufen, zu dem Hause an deren Tür ihnen aufgemacht wird.
Und sie können sich dort waschen und wohnen und die Freude wird wachsen in dem neuen Haus.

Da du aber den Tempel nur verwaltest, wird der Hausherr kommen und wird hören, das du seine Kinder und Freunde nicht eingelassen hast, weil du zu Faul warst hinter Ihren Füßen zu reinigen. Er wird sagen, hast du denn nicht genug bekommen für deine Arbeit und zur Verwaltung, dass du nichts hattest für meine Freunde und Kinder und so du es von dir genommen hättest, auf das ich es dir zurückgegeben hätte und dich an dem Tisch geladen hätte mit den Freunden und Kindern, um dir den Dienst zurück zugeben, den ich nicht bezahlt hatte.
So auch nur ein Tropfen Wasser aus der Leitung gekommen wäre oder in deinem Becher, würde er dich hinaus in die dunkle Kälte werfen und seine Kinder und Freunde suchen und sein Suche würde Zeugnis gegen dich sein, dass kein Haus dich mehr aufnehmen würde und er würde Freundschaft schließen mit all den Häusern die auch nur eines seiner Kinder und Freunde aufgenommen hatten.

Wer muss denn mehr haben als er braucht und das andere Auge Traurig stimmen.
Denkst du denn wenn deine Zeit kommt kannst du mit Gott handeln? Gott durch welchen alles war, ist und sein wird. Er Bedarf deiner Reichtümer nicht, vielmehr wirst du Uneinigkeit und Neid zurücklassen und dein Haus wird trübe sein über deine Aufteilung.
So du aber weitergibst was du nicht brauchst, wird das Gold zu dir zurückfinden denn sie werden alle bei dir kaufen, damit du weiter geben kannst. Und sollte dir der Beutel reißen, werden sie angerannt kommen, es aufheben was herausgefallen war und mit dir zu deinem Hause tragen, denn sie haben es nicht nötig dich zu bestehlen, noch fragen sie nach Lohn für das tragen.
Und ihr werdet euch alle freuen das es gut in deinem Hause angekommen ist und es kein Fremder nehmen konnte oder es verderben konnte, denn SIE kennen dich.
Und die Anderen werden sich freuen das sie mit dir die Arbeit teilen konnten.

Kommt ein Bauherr zum Meister und fragt: „Warum ist mein Haus noch nicht fertig?“ Der Meister aber antwortete, „du hast mir nur diese Arbeiter gegeben bevor du gegangen bist. Damit war es nicht zu schaffen.“
Der Bauherr wird aber sagen, „siehst du denn nicht all die Menschen die hier stehen und nichts tun. Hatten wir nicht ein Preis vereinbart fürs ganze Haus?
Sie wenn du fertig geworden wärst, hättest du es dir für eine Weile gut gehen lassen können. Erholen – bist du etwas Neues angefangen hättest und so du nicht müde gewesen wärst, hättest du etwas Neues beginnen können, das Nächste was dir gefallen hätte in Auftrag nehmen können. Nun ist das Haus nicht fertig und ich habe kein Raum für euch.
Geht nach Hause und kommt Morgen wieder, mit den Anderen werde ich eine Tafel aufbauen und essen, damit sie Morgen auch kommen können und Kraft haben und gesund sind. Es wird aber von deinem Preis abgehen, den wir vereinbart hatten. Denn ich habe zu ihnen sagen lassen, seht da wird mein Haus gebaut, der Meister hat das Geld für alle Arbeiter schon bekommen.

Und diese werden Morgen kommen um des Essens willen, welches sie heute schon bekommen haben. Du aber hast einen Tag an meine Tafel verloren – wo dich jeder gesehen hätte.“