Marrakesh (engl.)



You also can participate on the spiritual seminars here.

Please find out in advance about your current holiday entry requirements for Morocco.

Currently (2016) a 6 months valid passport is required for EU nationals.

These seminars are not religious events, because they are, if not Islamic and extra approved, banned in Morocco.

Because of the good climat, everything is mostly held outdoors, by rain we will held iton cafeteria terasses. Please think of a suitable sun protection factor.

At the reservation of accommodation I can help. If you want to book yourself, please look for something in Marrakech or Orika. (Riads are often cheaper than hotels.) but I admit I got percentages if you book through me.

For the best it will be good for you if you take one to two weeks time included in the time planing will be a trip to the waterfalls in Orika which which will cost 35 € per person separately for transport and driver. (Not rabat capable).


Seminar calculation.

Even if the session is not the hole day i count per day’s and (sure you can have me the hole day showing you Marrakesh and suroundings …)

One day costs 35 €, but the price is shrinking with every other person the maximum of the group is 10 persons (children under 12 are not counted).


Party Size each person pays
1                        35 €
2                        32 €
3                        28 €
4                        26 €
5                        23 €
6                        21 €
7                        19 €
8                        17 €
9                        15 €
10                        14 €


The consumption per person is to be borne, the reservation deposit is 3 days.

Please also specify whether to accept a additional person to your class session.

(So that I can plan the seminars better.)

Alongside bookable are guided tour of Marrakech, quad or buggy ride, horse or camel ride., Marocan cooking. (Half-day activities). Current prices are sent in the conference reservation and are not reserved to the time of information request.

No reservation necessary but can be organized, a wellness program in a good Moroccan hammam. (Really recommendable and every age is taken into consideration.)

For groups, a belly dancing evening is planned. (To watch and join if you like).


Dog and cat: I have also hotels where, the dogs and cats have places.  These also have a sitting program for your animals.


When booking, please specify number and length of stay. (I know that children earn no money by them self.)


!!! Important all persons present should be able not to disturb the other people in meditation. !!!

For legal reasons a reservation for a minor person will not be accepted without a parent in attendance!

A seminar will be given at the same time in only one language!