The Arc Code

The Arc Code.


Where the gods spacetravelers?

Today where see us confronted whit the fact, that we where to careless with the use of our Planet and we don’t have a solution to our way of live.

The ancients time shows us that this is not new. In the old times the Gods where often not happy about the behaviour of the Human kind.

Deukalion Saga.

Giga mesh Epos


Exodus (from Egypt)

Is this actually one story in different version, caused through a splitting up in all ends of the world, after the fall of the tower of Babel, or equals. (That’s  a other story)


What doe those stories contain which are even retaken in the movie 2012?


  • Transport and Cover for the need to survive.
  • Air keeping, dry capsule (Box)
  • All live forms which keep you known circle of live in tact
  • Food
  • Drone, taking probes Noah used pigeons to spy out the environment
  • Replacing fore (in those epos the flow of water force where used, and the will of the God(s))
  • Leaving the past, fearless to the new world.


Transport cover


Wood symbolises living Material.