Our life is determined by who – what we deal with

Our life is determined by who – what we deal with

Our Gods: Fighting against each other (Except in true practical Christianity)

Our films: Murder and blows to death against everything and everyone, „An eye for an eye – a tooth for a tooth“ may the power of revenge for „justice“ stay alive. We have perfected the struggle to survive in such a way that the actual survival on this planet has already become a minor matter.

So what, lets play the total war, „Real Life“ role-playing game, Ego shouter, or „simple“ Multi Player Games online, we let the worlds burst until the whole universe crashes. And the heart throbs in our chest, to the beat of techno music until it bursts.

We want it all and we want it now and forever, no matter what the cost, I just have to be able to consume it.

There is no time to lose, to experience everything in a perfect world, one app. Warns me before clashing with my children that I can continue writing unhindered, under the sound of my music.

We now have a drone in our house, so that I don’t slip, when my 3 year old daughter vomits again.

We beat the insurgents who complained that we were going to catch their fish. We are „Christian“, you can buy YOUR fish from us. By all the arts of the genetic and chemical industry prepared.

Of course, when NO additives are invested, called bio, is anyway more expensive.

Why? For missing the fun of experimentation??? Oh no, because then an entire chemical company is unemployed, because they cannot reorient themselves to the well-being medicine. We would then LIFE healthier…

Buying local products is also expensive so that the unemployment office can pay the unemployed drivers who no longer have to drive so far.

Everything is perfect and soon we won’t need another one, we will tell machines in direct binary code connection what they want to do for us. Then we’ll soon be – – – – extinct???

Or shouldn’t we rather: – —

Banish the gods who play us off against each other and leave us only bleeding to THERE glory. (We are not a fighting game…. – characters to suffer and die for a PLAYER).

Make you choice:

Plastic containers vs. glass containers

Plastic is lighter, it can be transported more easily.

BUT: Not biodegradable, but not completely binding, which means small micro particles, you take with you into your body, by drinking and eating food that is in plastic containers and/or has been stored temporarily. A complete cleaning method against bacteria… does not exist, the opposite is even the case.

How much plastic have you possibly already drunk, or your child, by plasticized Tetra Packs. Or were they aluminium traces, aluminium-coated food containers, tetra packs, mustard and ketchup tubes, cans, instant cans…


Glass is heavier and cannot be squeezed flexibly into bags.

But biologically chemically cleaner and cleanable. Can be used for many years if treated with care.


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