Lost contact to the heart – with the HIGHEST speed into the total destruction

Lost contact to the heart – with the HIGHEST speed into the total destruction
Fishmonger „thrown“ into the garbage Truck by the police.
Shattered bevor living bodies, for a fanatic suicide.
For – a result that he / she can not even verify?
What healthy mind is supposed to work that out?
What heart should be touched with something like that?
World-destroying weapons, some countries, should have been already advanced so far in space, so it makes sense that they have so much of them that they could destroy several planets.
Genetic manipulation that foods fall out of tolerance because they are more resistant but worse to digest.
Or seeds get a quantity deterioration, so that the farmer is forced to buy new seeds each year, instead of taking the new seed from the harvest. (The tax on nature. To return seeds from the harvest to the earth in order to preserve and share a new crop, also with our neighbors in nature, the birds that eat the grains which have fallen on the way, or a worm that eats a sprout, which he has just grown juicy leaves … Animals that are all part of another cycle of life and keep together the planet possible to support life.
But now we seem to have discovered the ultimate danger of transforming this planet into a ball with dead orphan puddles:
Data storage on bio-cells.
What a progress, tons of digital data simply stored in a mixed forest. (if you ignore the danger of forest fires.)
What goes the forest to do with it, what will it do if a tree no longer gets its own data, for example with which mosses or fungi it should enter into symbioses (beneficial living communities) and with which not.
Or to form new leaves in spring.
Many interpret the time according to prophecies, the time of the return of Jesus.
And a few scream for help.
Question: If you know you are on self-destruction course, then should you not at least stand still on the way, which does not have a real pull if you do not know the way out of it? So you do not break even more including you self? So that you are still there when the one comes, who is meant to save you?


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