The Alien – Code (extra-interest)

The Alien – Code (extra-interest)

Jesus said >My Kingdom is not of this world… then you are not from this world<.
They have put Germany in to mental sleep, because they did know than one day, God would reveal it to me. But I’m not in Germany anymore, since you pronounced you Worlds End (2012). Moses and <Jesus was standing waiting for there killers either.
(Bloodline, Roseline)
Battles of Los Angelos code: The Aliens used water to refill there needs (Energy…)
Christian Baptizing: A person old enough to realize wrong and right, confessing his failure to God asking for forgiveness, and becomes reborn thought the water (totally under water, washed all up).
Babylon Baptizing: as Baby no realize of right and wrong.
The USA has reserved the right in case of war to poison the water.
The Davinci Code: s the pope ordered to kill all Templar knights to get hold of the hole Gral (Sang Real), it was already gone…. (Yes I know, you have him, let it him stay there pls.)
There are news messages, that at the WW’s, weapon systems have been come blocked and during the cold war, A-missals where out of function.
A message has come up that the Aliens will take over the world in case, to prevent a Atomic war.
There are also testimonies of prayer chains during the wars.
But the people are weak, because they did not understand the spirit of love to the next with there heart.
So I call you all again Brothers and Sisters in the love of Jesus (under the holy spirit).
Pic up you Amor of faith Ihr habt mich gerufen und siehe hier bin ich!
Build a line (a prayer ring of fire of the holy spirit).
Then it is written, that God does not which to wipe out humans again through a flood, but that the Earth will burn, before he will come back, burn in fire of the holy spirit.
So then let the earth burn in the love of you next and the fire of the holy spirit.
Pick up you watch again!

Our father in Heaven (in our Spirit), holy is you name.
You Kingdom should come in Heaven (in our Spirit and wishes,
And on earth (in my words and doings).
Give us to day our daily bread (provide us in all our spiritually and “earthly” needs)
Forgive us our weakness, Ihr habt mich gerufen und siehe hier bin ich!
So we also forgive the weakness of our next.
You doe not tempt us. You save us from our incapability to overcome our weakness.
Yours is the Kingdom (our heart) and the force (of our deeds out of you spirit) and the
Glory (our overcoming’s of our weakness in no love).
In eternity (for all times)
Amen (so it should be! So it should be written, pronounced and done!)

Prayed: “ That the heart of all people should be opened for the love of the next and there own ( against fetishism).
The forces of the dark should be set prison, which are, hate, jalousie, anger…und all what is standing against the love of you next and you self (in way of the love of God). In the light of the lord.
So that there weapons will be come discharged and taken from them
Amen (so it should be! So it should be written, pronounced and done!)

I’ll keep my promises and give a word for you who lie the weapons done, that no harm shpuld come over them.

And you Spirit of love to the nest will role the world. (then so it is written)

Maybe you will soon find out, what happens if the spaceship from Aria 51, did take the bomb out of you hand with which you would have destroyed the earth and has burned out the virus you where injecting up on the Aliens.
And the crazy kamikaze pilot did not destroy the primary weapon, that he became the primary weapon. (You believe that you did win).
YOU did not understand you self. The Alien did not show YOU what there did want to doe, to this planet, that more he did show you what you doe and think. (So it is written, and will see (be told) again the accusations in you live, before you become judged).
Yes that is right, you wish to kill this Alien now who shows it all to you, out of the frog of destruction.

Think! Did the machines (Saw…) build the roof? Or the carpenter who where using this machines?
Isn’t it that you say by self, “that a man is his own destinies forge?”


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