The meaning of «the earth comes from God »,

The meaning of «the earth comes from God »,

Repeated by Italian and Moroccan Leaders combined by a Russian example.

That’s right Italian/Moroccan/Russian. We should put our heads to getter instead of smashing them against each other.

We combine PC’s to a super calculator, Pentium cores to get stronger forces, why we can’t doe this with our heads to on a table, we should have really learned form the UNO peace profit by now.


Well that is my idea.

Empty Land – homeless squares, not for buy – for to archive.

Later tax calculation and the services.

If the land comes from GOD no one ever has a right of taking something for it.

What is to pay for?:

Health and environment safety; Police, Fire fighter, Medical attention…

Infrastructure to ensure those things: Street…

Spiritual taxes: IF there is a provider request.

If we give every workless person Plants and/or Animals to carried with heart by there skills and total of the abilities.

We would have more healthy food, loyal Pets and miracles population (pets) health.

The homes off the homeless should be build by the Amish example, the Neighbourhood, gives and helps by there heart and possibilities.

If you have build something together you don’t want to see to become to be destroyed.

They have then build something together, where sitting on one table to eat and have talked together. The bridge is there to each other and more easily crossed for need and joy.

Oops yea sorry could be that instead of calling the police, they would invite them.

Imagine there is a Neighbourhood asking the police, what they need for there job…

People could re-find on the table what they could doe for each other by there hobbies and Skills. (‘you need…? I think I heart … was making it. He /she lives over there the new house we build last week…’)


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