Children as chance of a better reincarnation

In Children we pas on the knowledge. That is so simple and known, all what we know we tell our kids. This is a known path we actually all doe.
But Every Shaman, druid and other Earth connected spiritually crafts -person, knows for example all medical herbs you need are in you garden or close plants possible environment.
How can that be? How did the garden of my parents know that in our family was a need of Horsetail. He did even know, before we did know that this could help.
Did we pray to a God? No we didn’t.
This is what we did: We cared about the plants, all of our family. Cleaned the ground and the plants. We kids learned how to care about all the plants and animals we had.
In this, we had contact with the earth. Feelings, expressions, all of this flow over our Hands in to the ground. The Love and the pain. – The pain?
Sure, the blockades, all Energy network functions of our body was detected by the Receiver Network Earth. The entirely Network of the Earth started to search the Database of Eons and has build the needs, to repair the flowing energy network.

Now imagine this!
This hole network stores all the knowledge, of you past lives, including joy and pain.
All you need to learn is, how to access and download all you pasts lives.
A oil pipe broke and the knowledge where just erased through the death of the hole environment and my grandfather burned a hole forest down. Or was it me – unknown – in a formal live?

All spirits, Gods… who like you to, never come forward and oops maybe leaving the earth to a higher state, will try „to keep the key of you heaven“ in there hands and kill all the prove (the people) who realize that fact and help to make a difference. They will genocide you, and turn you face, of you death body, down to the earth, for a no come back.
So you stay bound to Priests, Imams, Rabbis, who decide you path to heaven by serving THEM.
They took the key out of the hands from you parents. putting you in a religion.
And through games we learn  – by fun -, to kill each other. Building Empire instead of families.
The world is looking for the old ways of the American Natives so they need to die, OR…?
How we can save our self? Learn from the nature and those, who know, to connect to the nature (Earth).
I would take any chance to can doe this!


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