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Earth Class – 3rd Dimension – Discussion

Many religions believed in reincarnation. (Rebirth on this earth).

Where would heaven or hell be?

We leave the perception plane through death and return through a rebirth.

If we come back in a „hell-version“, this is perhaps in an area of „garbage“. In the middle of trash heap and we need to fix the damage, first.

Sweating in the greenhouse, because of the whole crystals were shot / sprayed into the clouds for weather-manipulation.

Be dominated or disarmed because we have not learned that we are advancing on a broader scale together, in cooperation.

Heaven version

Would be to profit, from what you have learned and new tasks. Maybe only then new tasks, when the „holidays“ are over.Perhaps as a child of a wealthy family, with a sense of responsibility or a person who takes over this part.

Discussions on the subject (will follow)

  • Children as chance of a better reincarnation.
  • Nuclear war = repeating the class
  • Release – hold
  • Do not be envious – ask – learn
  • 2 ways and the permanent chance / agony of choice
  • connected to the universe or why older civilizations did know more about some solar systems then today.





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!!! The many sources on which this discussion topic is based were deliberately not mentioned, in order to call NO thoughts reservation effect!!!

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