The forge of peace – Peace maker/keeper

The forge of peace – Peace maker

The peace-building (keeping)

War comes rarely from the common population. This has to do with the fact that there are for those who doe to bleed for it;

Wars are no longer performed in ancient manner; your best warrior against my best warrior. Or as with the Maya; a duel between the rulers without fatalities. (Only humiliation, which is then proved that these ancestral spirits (gods) are not so strong). Or a fight between the two sides of elite warriors.

Today’s wars are wars of shame. They come at the expense of those who are actually have to be protected. Yes and not only this! They have also to carry out the war for their actual „protector“, by those call to arms in supposed necessity of „defence“.

For this, the own people become incited – instead of protected how it should be.

As it is not YOU war, why are you fighting then?…

Because you have chosen this government? – Have you voted the war as well?

If not? Back to the question ONE!

If you go to war you risk that your children be orphans, and your wife/husband a widow.

When you return, you can be sure that you have made children to orphans and women/man to widows. What was it worth? That you have on the End – What? – Peace until the next round?

How doe you actually – keep the peace?

  1. Never let you mislead by any political/religious accusations.
  2. Use the Social Networks for Information – Ask the source!
  3. Socialize with people from the so-called „evil“ countries.
  4. Build aid and trade private relationships. (Disable embargos, bypass those).
  5. (Embargo only go against the general population, governments, etc. remain well supplied.)
  6. Send Children pictures of the soldiers, asking with reply letters: Do you really want to make children to orphans?
  7. Show the governments and soldiers on public that they are not acting in your name (call for immediate new elections. A government is an employee of the people and should therefore be equally fired, as every employee of the labor which does not follow the requirements and plans of the manager).

If you go to war, YOU are guilty if your children are orphaned and your wife/husband becomes a widow!

What you believe to defend, the other side also will try to defend on there side. So you both doe not need to attack each other and everything is just fine.

Religious wars.

Religious wars are supposed to bring the „true faith“ to the other half.

Show me your strength in faith, if you need in place of examples and results, a weapon.

Show me the dead who have accepted your religion after you killed them! It does not work? Then you’ve FAILED – in your HOLY ORDER!

And aren’t you even then proving YOUR UNBELIEF? If everything is as God it will, why do you want to change it by force?

Don’t you even have enough faith that you can bring through your actions, results of faith? THEN you’d better step back and train your faith, so that your results will be a light of your faith and lightening the others the way!

Jesus said: Love your neighbour as you love yourself! So if you point a gun to another you are no longer a Christian and your intention is to lie.

Islam orders Muslims to treat Christians cautiously, as the Qur’an tells us [Only argue with the People of the Book; in the best manner.][4]

Prophet Muhammad regarded those, who hurt Christians, as such, who violate him.

Prophet Muhammad said: Whoever a Zemi[5] hurts, hurts me.[6]

The Prophet made a legacy before his passing, for that the people should take care for Christians.

Prophet Muhammad said: By God, I ask you to take care for the Copts[7] . [8th]

Muslims are therefore to be regarded as the friendliest people on earth, because Islam teaches Muslims to love the people and never to be racist, as the Qur’an tells us that [and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know one another. Verily before Allah those are the most honourable, who is the most righteous before Allah. Verily, Allah is all Knowing, all Aware.][9]

Imam Ali said: People are two types, your brother in religion or your brother in humanity. [10]

Therefore, the Muslim regards the Christians as his brothers in humanity.

Thus, an Islamist is not following, the word of his prophet, if he takes the gun in his/her hand….

If yet so every faith founder forbids this, how can you say you do follow him by doing war?

You want to prove your way by GOD? Then let him work. You say your God is good and He answers prayers. Well then, doe good, and let your God produce supernatural results out of it. This then share to the others by giving evidence and help each other out in the others weakness, in the good ways. (And as it written, that what you send out as a gift with out calculation of reward, should come back a hundred times through GOD.) (I don’t mean human GODS) If you can help others, you show the size of your faith;

If you can’t – your war, is a war as mentioned in the first part and to front up against this, it should come to be treated as in the first part.

How do I start as a peacemaker?

  • Greetings Other even if you already know that those do not.
  • Do not talk bad about others especially not in their absence.
  • If you do not get along in a dispute, ask a friend for help and ask yourself why it is so and what kind of impression you make up, before him/her.
  • When others talk about war, motivate to talk about how to make peace.
  • Prepare yourself, visions of peace and share those.
  • Talk about the good in others, and why YOU will not lose this in a war.
  • Help to find solutions, if you have discovered the REAL causes! Share these solutions and do not keep it to yourself.
  • Talk about relationships and form relationships with the fathers and mothers from those, who are supposed to leave there children as an orphan, so that your government can dive the name of your country in false Fame and glory.
  • Don’t vote for a government which will put your life and / or the lives of your fellow human beings at risk no matter where they live. Vote for a new one if necessary.
  • When you pray, do not pray that the angels protect your soldiers, (for they shall protect all human and thus can not follow you.) Pray together on the streets, that the soldiers come back home. Then there is war and nobody came.

Do not think that you will be alone (a drop Water of a hot stone)!

Faith for a monsoon – up on the rivers of life to fill them up again and wash away all dead from the streams and rivers.

Tell yourself: „War? Not on MY watch, for peace! “

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