Human gods 2

Human gods.

In this second part I invite you to read carefully and to also think about it by youself!

The third part is to ask for!!! (Not open published) (It will not appear on this page, maybe individuel and personally.)


Read the examples and follow me!


Just examples for you to think over!


Greek gods


God Duties and background
Zeus Is the supreme Olympian god and more powerful than all other gods together. Above him were only the Fates (Fate), Which he complied with. Zeus is the son of the Titan Kronos and Rhea pair. He is often depicted with thunderbolt and scepter,(Who plays with the weather)
Ares Is the God of the terrible war, the bloodbath and the massacre. He is the son of Hera and Zeus and is usually depicted with a spear, shield and helmet and accompanied by a vulture or dog. He is the father of Phobos and Deimos. (Arish accompanied by …. Kettenhund (chain dog))
Hephaestus Is the god of fire, the volcanoes and the blacksmithing and architecture. Hephaestus built the gods their palaces and gave humanity the house architecture. He is the brother of Ares‘ and also a son of Hera and Zeus. His attributes are the hammer, a craftsman cap (Pilos) and the ax.

(The playing with the nuclear and gunsmiths …)

Phoebus Is the god of poetry, healing, the spring and the light. Furthermore, he is the god of the arts, especially music, poetry and song as well as the god of archers. He is the twin brother of Artemis‘ and a son of Zeus and Leto. (Bach, Goethe, … Elvis, Michael Jackson)
Athena The goddess of wisdom, The struggle, the strategy, the art, the craft and the handmade. She is also the patron goddess of the Greek city Athens. Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis, the first lover of the father of the gods. Their attributes are owl, olive tree, helmet, spear, shield, snake and a sign on the Gorgons are displayed (Aegis) → Medusa.

Pilate, Socrates … (Budda in life form)


This goes equally with the Nordic, Egyptian, Asian … gods


Elvis, Michael Jackson, Hitler …? Are there still gods?


Of course not – we are a free (Zombie) world. A real de(composed)mocratic World.


But if we believe also in rebirths  – Where are they? (>> Well eventually everyone comes back to earth <<)


Has Obama failed before Olymp? (Veto)


Are our gods have been banished from there world. (Or have they more failed to rise?

Because they did not make it to democracy?


Morocco: commanding to learn – a democracy where the king has the word of power (last decision?)


Return of the Gods before the technical self -destruction (dementia).

How much is one times one, oh shit my phone does not work right now i have no calculator.

Question of a religion teacher to his students, „where does the milk come from?“

Answer „from the Tetra Pack.“

„Does God pay taxes?“ „Of course he lives in the Church so he has to pay taxes“ …

„When does it rain?“ „If the clouds were vaccinated“


Hierarchy- System (Pyramiede)

God = Master (King of Kings)

People = master (little master) common German (God = Herr, Pet holder= Herrchen (little master) (Pet Holder eg dog)


insurance road sellers makes 10 employees becomes branch manager (office)->

His 10 also make 10, and become branch manager, he rises to Area Manager


family father

Clan chief (mayor / governor) … -> Mayor / Prince


Indian ascension spiral.


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