Real God

Forget the whole faith line!

What is Christianity (to which I doe not count the Queen of Heaven Faith (Isis or Maria = Queen of Heaven Catholic = Babylonian)).

The Christians got there name by trying to live his law. “Love others as you love yourself.”

Religions are ALL inconsistent with this Law. Also the Protestant faith group line.

Jesus teaching was Extensive and bigger and deeper than any religion to others Allow us to know.ötter_(Bibel)

Jeremiah 7.18

Thus, the Catholic Church must be regarded, with all their branches, as not belonging to the faith line of the Old Testament

But God says, HIS people are servants, are his workers, through the Old Testament, God has HIS people (you could also say HIS PROPERTY). He had HIS people repeatedly pushed into slavery if they had begun „not to dance to HIS music.“ This kept on, usually for 3 generations. After 3 generations, the genes are usually overwritten and the mentality. Those who still remembered free will, where mostly death then.

Then God has always been portrayed as savior. Not as one who has put them previously into the slavery.

Other historical narratives recount how the first gods, had humans created as their slaves (to boost the gold from the earth, which had also much value on their planet.) These writings refer to Jesus as Savior but from the spiritual – genetic captivity of the ancient gods. Which is reborn to the people = slaves to free them, up to their level of understanding, to free them step by step.

Jesus had never taught Jahwe, used only the symbolics. It is written … but I say ….

Comparative Example which really will not allow any Church or Government you to know or even understand.

In Sumerian writings, the gods (aliens) have taken genetic material and (more or less) cloned slaves.

—- „And said, Let us make man to our image“.

(Bottom line) everything we have, they have that also. According the Sumerians, the gods, were pale skinned and the slaves dark.

Well and the angels (the topmost servants and guards who the gods had brought with them, contrary to the command of the gods, also had children with the people (slaves). The genetic material was mixed ones again. And genetic blockades partially canceled (Bible) And the angel saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and begot children with them. These were then the giants. …

The Bible already contains hidden secrets.

But if you read in a recipe: Cut the carrots into small thin slices, you need to know first once: carrots and know how to cut …

Bottom line, it means nothing different as, if the one God can create a world – we should can also doe it, because his spirit is in us as well. Since God is one – with his spoken word and the spirit of God, the whole God is in us.

Conclusion what he can, we can.

But oh dear, then we need indeed beg no more.

»Not really.«

Only problem is he knows how to cut carrot slices, we know only the discs (The result), not how to do it.

Question is: deos a knife sharpener who earns his food with this, really likes to show his customers how easy it is to grind a knife ??? Of course not!

A God who lives by prayer Energy will not reveal how to do it without him.

Jesus actually revealed where the real creative Energy lies in.

Pick up a stone and you will find me (the Force), split a piece of wood and you will find the force.

A stone is a combination of elements. Consequently, It is a composite of atoms … energy. With in an iron atom are more Electrons  … in interconnected than in a helium atom. Helium is gas. Iron you can touch.
Jesus said where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them. The energy connects itself and can take better shape. (Be graspable.)

Iron atom = 56 electrons, helium atom = 2 electrons When 23 helium atoms pull each other together so that they are one atom it becomes iron.

If 4 hands clears up a table it is faster than if only one person clears away the same amount.

If one takes an ice cube in his hand, he soon becomes water. If more give in their energy to the water there is hot water.

God is not New Age, but God the scoop end power is the power that is contained in all. (energy.)

AND MUCH MORE, WHAT SOME BIG, for example, do not want to hear or that it even someone else knows – understands;

There are not few corruptions what the so interferes when they become revealed, there are so many people those days, uncovering something, so that the crowd is already unresponsive, in a sort of coma.

It is the fact of knowing to let it rain without sending weather rocket. To let something grow if enough points are available – in a short time. If the poor have to eat all enough, what had made the rich still richer. If the poor tell them then. Ok i have no television. But no problem, i’ve anyway no time to look this crap, because i go to dance with my friends, play carts, use colored stones on a peace of carton to play dame…

They become richer, if you are unhappy, even if you have what you need.

Druids knew back then, everything a home resident need on medicinal herbs, grows in the same garden (house edge). Would you know your plants, you would not know where is the next pharmacy.



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