Welcome to my page

Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website „Pure Soul Light“.

Here you’ll find advice, someone to listen and online Skype classes (also possible email, just takes longer).

Among inspirations and ideas you can find ideas that can help, perhaps – you to.

Hoping that there is no risk of a loss of respect, I offer here my „you“ each of you.

Paid or free?

It is always interesting to pay nothing or as little as possible. I have several times tried to start a voluntary sponsored project. The reward was almost zero and the request is overwhelming.

Put it Just that way: An old teacher in the year 0 (Jesus) said, ‚every worker has his food value.Now we have the 21Jhr. And to the food comes Rent ,, electricity, water once a new pair of pants or repairing … And Hey costs of the internet, otherwise you will not hear from me anymore.


Let’s do it just like that, one of which gave me something, I usually

got 10 € per half hour. (As a guide)

If an idea is needed, it is to the termes agreed before.

What I put on my site is open to all.

Of course you can also donate so I can also provide more free ideas and contributions, or even turn a blind eye (financial) where help is needed. Donations you have to doe voluntarily I can give you for not issuing a receipt to obtain a tax reduction.

If you write donate as a purpose, „Nice that you exist“ or leave it free completely.

Cures: I am not or do not have a healing machine, but some have been healed by me for few things.  And well – practice makes perfect. (Strengthens the faith.) Besides oil and water sometimes I use nothing. (Normally) So if I one – twice

€ 20 in the year get there is only „time costs“. They are unpredictibel  in the quantity.

I know some varying expensive prices, but where a lady made me once a offer for 300 € for one session I made big eyes to; No thats on you decide. I think there is a law of nature you get what you give. (Ok sometimes you have to ask if you want something specific.)

My keyword: What do I want? Believe it or not, this is my dream.


Copy of my reply to a Father


> Now I want to tell you something, my desire.

Riches is not the first priority.

However, I want my bills and so on be paid;

I want to teach people to think, not a religion which everybody has to decide for themselves, and it is also a part of your job as a father. (Addressed to the Father).


I want

  • To give courses, to have a vision (get) and to have them in mind
  • Catch them inside there heart.
  • And then formally created them from there mind and heart in to the reality.


The only law that Jesus has given us, has been: „. Love thy neighbor as thyself“


The advantage of this point, lies in following points.

I am not blocked by, because I did not get an answer, because I can ask other to help (join) and can thereby gain success.

I unify (My desired energy with others.) (If 2 or 3 are gathered in my name.) A domination over others is thereby already blocked.


What I want to achieve?


– healing

– Bridge building in the hearts (heart to heart)

Advice and support

– Courses innovative thinking (How do I think innovative)

– The light of life in the hearts rekindle once it looks just as there is only dark.



Do you like it? Well then welcome and tell everyone!


Do you have any questions? Go to „Contact“.

Financial go on „Money – Money“

Since the site is new is yet the part testimonials is stil up growing to.

for the Rest I wish you enjoy browsing.

Among other, you’ll see things I still offering to earn to my bread.

Live Seminars (ie not online) just click on „Marrakesh“

Language barriers: I can also speak German, French and Dutch


Thank you for reading it!